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The romanticized roaring 20s have sadly come and gone, but the spirit and “taste” for quality spirits are very much alive and well. Introducing Harlem Standard. Inspired by the rebellious nature of Prohibition ideologies, jazz music, and the Harlem renaissance, we revive old techniques to distill and blend our spirits for the modern palate and connoisseur. Crafted to be smooth and refined, we work to symbolize uncompromising principles, strength, and multicultural interests. With a spirited heart that evokes passion and authenticity, we believe Harlem Standard is not trapped by time or place.


Reviving old techniques, we distill our spirits in Indiana and blend and bottle in Bardstown, KY. We are committed to providing safe, high-quality beverage ingredients to our customers. As a measure of this commitment, our facility is certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, achieving the highest grade of BRC certification with a Grade AA. The company is committed to continuous improvement in beverage safety; to that end, the cleanliness and consistency of the pot stills and serial distillation columns allow us to develop our remarkable “complex” flavors. It also brings out the ultimate subtleties of the individual grain varietals we source.


The heart, hustle, and soul of Harlem are woven into the very fabric of our brand. It inspires us daily as we work to encapsulate that energy into every Harlem Standard bottle. We continue to build our presence in Harlem through our work with community partners, including The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Jazzmobile, Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC. These relationships inform our growth and encourage a promising future as the brand goes global.

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Harlem Standard is a lifestyle brand built on its uncompromising spirits. We are operated by a close-knit team, including BIPOC members, each with unique talents and skills. Through ownership, management, and career opportunities, we embrace diversity as we continue to learn and support the community.

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