Harlem Old Fashioned

Some things never go out of style. An Old Fashioned is one of them. The drink of choice for many whiskey lovers who can appreciate a strong sip that’s stirred, not shaken. While this cocktail has its fair share of tall tales as to its origin, one this is certain: this is a celebrated drink that captures the perfect balance of sweet and bitter tastes.


2 oz.
Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey
½ tsp.
White sugar
3 drops
Angostura bitters
1 drop
Orange bitters (Regan’s No. 6)
¼ oz.
Cold water
Large ice cube
Orange peel for garnish

How to Prepare

In an Old Fashioned or short rocks glass, add sugar, bitters, and half a splash of water.

Muddle with a spoon until the sugar is dissolved.

Add Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey and one large ice cube and stir well.

Twist the orange peel to release the oils and run it around the rim of the glass, then drop it into the cocktail.

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