Harlem Standard Ginger Twist

One of whiskey’s best-kept secrets is that it has a ton of health benefits. It is known to reduce stress and even lower your risk of heart disease. Why not take it a step further? That’s why we’ve created the healthy Ginger Twist full of nourishing ingredients. We’ve teamed up with alpha-female Dr. Cynthia Barrett to concoct this magical, nutritional, whiskey-goodness. It was made with women in mind, but everyone enjoys its crisp delicious flavor!


1 shot
Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey
2-3 Tablespoons
Fresh Ginger Bulb and Fresh mint leaves
1 Tablespoon
Wild Raw Honey
1 Cup
Filter Water or Springwater
Ice cubes

How to Prepare

Boil 2 cups of water and pour into a large teapot. Then, add your ginger, mint, and wild raw honey to the hot water. Stir for 5 minutes and steep for 30. Then, let it cool in the fridge. Grab a glass with ice and pour a shot of Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey into the glass along with your cooled mixture. Garnish with a mint leaf.

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