Harlem Whiskey Mule

Have your copper mug and your whiskey, too. Ginger beer with a hint of lime brings a fiery spice that’s balanced with the smooth depth of whiskey. If you want more of a whiskey flavor, add less ginger beer. If you want it sweeter, add more or take it easy and top off your mug. Turn this classic on its head and toast to the night ahead.


2 oz.
Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey
1/2 oz.
Lime juice
Crushed ice
Ginger beer
Fresh mint leaves

How to Prepare

Finally, you can use those copper Mule mugs you bought.

Pour the whiskey and lime juice into the mug and add crushed ice to the brim.

Next comes the ginger beer.

Finish this Whiskey Mule off with a garnish of fresh mint leaves and you’ve got yourself a bar favorite right at home.

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