Harlem Whiskey Smash

We’ll start with this simple cocktail that includes a modest list of ingredients. When snuggling with each other in a glass, the results are simply smashing! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. If you don’t fancy yourself a cocktail expert, this is the perfect starter drink. Think of it like a lemony mint julep. Easy breezy, like summertime.


2 oz.
Harlem Standard Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four-Grain
Springs of spearmint
Lemon cut into a few wedges
1 oz.
Simple syrup
Ice cubes

How to Prepare

Start by mixing the mint and lemon in a whiskey glass.

Mix it well, so the flavors are able to seep seamlessly into your drink.

Then, add the syrup, whiskey, and ice. Shake and enjoy!

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