Harlem Standard American & Bourbon Whiskey Review

Kicking off #MGPMonday with something a little different! Today we’re taking a look at two expressions from @harlemstandard, a 111 Proof four grain bourbon and a 90 Proof American Whiskey. Both distilled and aged in Lawrenceburg, IN for 3+ years. According to Harlem Standard, their inspiration comes from the rebellious nature of Prohibition ideologies, jazz music, and the Harlem Renaissance. Although their whiskey is distilled in Indiana and bottled in Kentucky, they have a vision to one day distill their own spirits in Harlem for all to celebrate and enjoy! But how’s the whiskey, right! It’s actually very enjoyable and another fine example of the quality of whiskey that MGP produces. Even at just 3yrs (maybe a bit more) it’s already quite tasty and worthy of being enjoyed neat. Curious, has anyone else given this whiskey a try? Cheers!

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