Harlem Standard American & Bourbon Whiskey Review

Here we have two new American whiskies from a young company called @harlemstandard. Their whiskies are inspired by the 1920s creative culture of Harlem and they launched in January this year, to coincide, rather appropriately, with the Harlem Renaissance Centennial. Their first batch includes an American Straight Whiskey with a higher proof blend of light whiskey and rye bourbon and notes of honey maple and citrus, and a premium blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four-Grain that is 111-proof, full bodied with notes of maple and brown sugar. As you might guess from the cool graphics on the bottles, Jazz music is important to the folk at @harlemstandard; and in support of the jazz community, they donate a portion of their proceeds to The Jazz American Foundation to support musicians. What do you think of these whiskies? Which #whiskey would you pick?

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