Super-Premium, Proprietary Blended Whiskey

The first super-premium, proprietary blended whiskies born in Harlem and blended in Kentucky are now available on-premise and at retail at some of New York’s finest establishments. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance during Prohibition. Using old and new techniques, the whiskies are blended using the highest quality ingredients with iron-free and calcium-rich limestone water from Kentucky to create a complex yet balanced flavor profile. A portion of proceeds from every bottle sold benefits the Jazz Foundation of America’s COVID-19 Musicians’ Emergency Fund.

Harlem Standard has American Straight Whiskey and two aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey offerings to satisfy multiple flavor profiles.

90-PROOF STRAIGHT AMERICAN WHISKEY – Harlem Standard Straight American Whiskey is a higher-proof blend of light whiskey and rye bourbon. Aged 3+ years and bottled at 90-proof, you’ll relish the intertwined notes of honey maple and citrus. With a slow and sweet burn, Harlem Standard Straight American Whiskey is perfect neat, on the rocks, and in classic or uptown drinks.

93-PROOF BOURBON STRAIGHT WHISKEY – Harlem Standard Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a high-rye blend created at Indiana’s historic MGP distillery and extracted from a fermented grain mash. Aged for 4+ years and charred in American white oak barrels, you’ll savor the smoothness of mellow spice and roasted nuts. This well-rounded blend is heightened by faint fruity notes and a vanilla bean finish. This bourbon is best served neat and sipped slowly.

111-PROOF BOURBON STRAIGHT WHISKEY  – 4-GRAIN Harlem Standard Bourbon Straight Whiskey is our premium blend. It uses wheated bourbon and is crafted with propriety yeast and glacier water. The whiskey contains a mash bill of corn, wheat, rye, and barley malt. Aged 3+ years in new charred American white oak barrels, this 111-proof full-bodied whiskey will have you tasting hints of maple, brown sugar, and Allspice. Powerful yet harmoniously integrated for a long, smooth finish, Harlem Standard Bourbon Straight Whiskey is best served neat or in your preferred fashion.

Harlem Standard can be found at Marea, Melba’s, Benoit, Edge NYC, The Bar @Moynihan, and Dizzy’s Jazz at Lincoln as well as ordered online at Harlem Standard

So, raise a glass, and let’s all say CHEERS to Father’s Day.

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