Whiskey Fall Favorites

Now that we are falling into fall, it is time to consider all the libations that make the season great. Gone are the fruity drinks of summer, with their tiny umbrellas and their light palette. When the wind blows the leaves off the trees and the air takes on a chill, you need something hardier to drink that will warm your body, mind, and soul. Is there a better choice than whiskey? With its layered flavors, Harlem Standard whiskeys will stand up to your favorite fall foods.



With robust beans and beef and a plethora of spices, this will warm you on a chilly day and is the perfect base for all your favorite toppings, from cheese to chips. To stand up to the depth of chili, you need a formidable beverage, and our Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4-grain 111-proof is the answer. This will play well with the chili, especially with its allspice and brown sugar. The toasty oak character will add to the depth of the chili. With hints of dry tobacco and coffee bean, the sturdy flavors of whiskey will really shine.

This whiskey is perfect for sipping during a big football game or outdoor event and will be a fantastic accompaniment to your halftime meal of chili or your hearty meal when you get back in from outside. And if you are tailgating on a chilly fall day, you will certainly be warmed!


Smoked Meats or Tenderloin

A perfect fall day calls for a long day of smoking meats. From briskets to tenderloin, time works its magic on a big piece of meat, leaving you with a mouth-watering, tender, and delicious dinner. So what beverage can stand up to the smokiness and the flavorful hunks of meat? Whiskey, of course!

If you want to pair with barbecue or a tenderloin, try Harlem Standard Whiskey 7-year 101-proof. This mysterious flavor match-up of cocoa, nuts, and oak will create a formidable duo with the meat. The mellow spice and roasted nut flavor add a touch of fruit and vanilla to the finish, which is going to set off the smokiness of your meats. This is a great sipping whiskey, which you can also enjoy while your meat is cooking.



A quintessential fall food is a clambake. Pairing a dozen clams, a quarter chicken, sweet potato, and corn cooked together, even the broth itself is a wonderful drink. But you can raise the bar on your fall clambake by serving a whiskey sour, which would play nicely with the fishy, gritty broth of the clambake.

Play it straight for a clambake with American Straight Whiskey 90 proof, and your guests will thank you. With notes of honey maple and citrus, the floral aroma and sweetness of marmalade will offset the fishiness of the clams beautifully. The whiskey adds just a hint of spice, which plays well with the earthiness of the sweet potato, chicken, and corn in the bake. You can sip it straight or serve in a whiskey sour for a twist on the traditional fish and lemon combo.


Cheese and Nuts

When it comes to food, cheese and nuts are beyond versatile. They make the perfect sideboard for a fall football game, or an amazing appetizer before an important meal. No matter when you choose to serve your charcuterie, this is the perfect morsel with which to pair a strong bourbon. The complex and subtly sweet machinations of  Bourbon Whiskey 93-proof will go well with a variety of cheeses and nuts.

Our recommendation is to pair with goat cheese, and this would be an especially delicious pairing if the cheese is topped with fruits. A bold cheddar is also a great match-up for the bourbon whiskey. The extremely smooth flavor of the bourbon makes for a perfect duo. The kick of spice will ratchet up the flavor of the cheeses, especially soft cheese, which is generally toasty and nutty to start with.


Chocolate Desserts

Nothing helps you feel cozier than the taste of chocolate on a fall day. Whether you are enjoying a chocolate lava cake, or the fresh taste of chocolate banana bread right out of the oven, you need a drink that will make the flavor come alive. Our Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4-grain 111-proof is perfect for this pairing, with hints of brown sugar, maple, and allspice. When you add the richness of brown butter and vanilla bean of this bourbon to the sumptuous deep taste of chocolate, you are sure to enjoy the delightful duo.

The bourbon pairs especially well with dark chocolate, whose peppery depth blends with the hint of coffee bean and toasted walnuts on the palate of the bourbon. The perfect after-dinner drink, try the 4-grain bourbon when aiming to match up with chocolate desserts.


Fruit Pies

Fall is the perfect time for baking when the temperatures drop and you can feel freer to turn on your oven. With apples in season and pumpkin-flavored everything dotting the landscape, this is the universal time to bake some fruit pies.

Whiskey is the perfect pairing for desserts, and the bold flavor would hold up well next to the spice of the seasonal pumpkin and apple pies of the fall. The  American Straight Whiskey 90 proof, featuring notes of orchard fruits and a hint of vanilla cream, could not be a more perfect match for apple or pumpkin pies, especially with its hint of spice and honey.

No matter what you are hungry for when the fall winds start to blow, Harlem Standard has your back when it comes to pairing your food with your whiskey. Try our delicious blends alone or in a cocktail, and you will be warmed from the inside out!



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