Why Whiskey Is A Great Holiday Gift (And Who To Give It To)

With the holidays approaching, you might be feeling a little anxious about your gifting list. How do you get everyone something on the list that feels luxurious without completely breaking the bank? Well, for some, a bottle of whiskey does the trick. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, evokes a sense of luxury, and well… who doesn’t love getting tipsy over the holidays?

Here are some of our favorite whiskey archetypes. These are the folks who would appreciate a nice glass of the world’s smoothest elixir. So if these personality types remind you of anyone on your shopping list, a bottle of Harlem is the way to go:


The Connoisseur

Whiskey drinkers fancy themselves connoisseurs of just about everything. They love the ancient art of storytelling and can make the driest tale sound like it’s a canon for the ages. If you thought he told great stories before, just wait! Harlem Standard Bourbon Whiskey 93-proof, best known for being served neat and sipped slowly, is the perfect blend of mellow and spice and will keep your favorite self-centered friend busy talking about himself for hours. Just make sure you have an escape plan for when one story bleeds into the next.

The Renaissance woman

In days past, whiskey might have been considered a man’s drink, but no longer. Whiskey is the perfect gift for the woman who has everything, especially a little moxie. With a higher proof blend of light whiskey and bourbon, we recommend American Straight Whiskey 90 proof for the sexy, sophisticated woman, hard-working and hard-playing. She will love the delicate notes of honey and citrus while enjoying the slow sweet burn. She plays her cards the same way, after all, sweet as honey but with a slow burn.

The Gossip

Take any holiday gathering from ho-hum to hilarious with America’s favorite drink: whiskey. If you ever wanted to know what Uncle Roger thought of your new hair color or if Aunt Maggie likes the new man in your life, now is the time. There is whiskey, and then there is whiskey. Try this Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four-Grain 111-Proof, which is 55% alcohol by volume, to get the rumors flowing. With a palate of dark cocoa and dry tobacco with butterscotch and dark honey flavorings, odds are you will have more stories than you can handle this holiday season.

The Spice

For your spiciest friend, bestow a spicy whiskey to stand up to the complexities of your snappiest pal. What could be more perfect than Harlem Standard Whiskey 7-year 101-Proof, which blends power and sweetness to create an impeccable blend of mystery and harmony? If this isn’t friendship, we don’t know what is!

Quiets the CocktailSnob

If you have a friend who will only drink their liquor in small batches or carries their bitters with them to parties, there is only one solution: a bottle of Harlem Standard. This sassy spirits snob needs Harlem Standard Bourbon Whiskey 93-proof, the perfect combination of smooth and mellow to quiet their conceit. Aged over 4 years in charred American white oak barrels, even the most daunting of whiskey connoisseurs will appreciate the smooth caramel cream with hints of spice.

The Wanna-Be Snowbird

When the weather outside is frightful, turn to whiskey to help warm you up. Sure, we can’t afford to holiday along the Golden Coast every winter, but sometimes a warming glass of whiskey provides a quick vacation. This is the perfect gift for the freeze-baby on your list. Couple it with some quality honey, a nice mug, and a few lemons to make hot toddies, and you have a complete gift for your friend or family member who is always cold.

No matter who you still have to buy for, Harlem Standard has something for everyone on your list. And don’t forget that for your socially conscious friends and family, Harlem Standard is 100% vegan and pro-farmer. Our whiskeys are distilled and aged in Lawrenceville, Indiana, and blended and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. For a delicious, complex, American-made whiskey that is sure to please everyone on your list, Harlem Standard is the gold standard for holiday gifts this year.


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