Luxury Whiskey Buying at Home

It’s undeniable that Covid-19 has changed peoples’ spending habits. Folks who used to travel and spend money on adventures or go out to eat, concerts, and ball games are now tied down to home and are spending their money in new ways. But never fear, they are still spending it!

There has been a surge of purchasing activity by people stuck at home, everything from new computers to fancy gadgets to luxurious foods. Others have decided to remodel their home, painting bedrooms, fencing in their yards, or building a wet bar in the basement. Still, others are investing the cash they usually spend on vacations in hopes of getting more in return for later use.

But one thing stands out in the wake of all the spending: alcohol. People are buying alcohol at a dizzying pace, and many have turned their own homes into mini tasting rooms. According to the Distilled Spirits Council (or DISCUS), U.S. distillers’ revenue was up 7.7% to 31.2 billion last year, and it signified the fastest growth and the highest sales in at least the last 40 years.

Astoundingly, “Online alcohol retailer Drizly in January said its annual sales grew 350% from a year earlier.” This is likely why Uber Eats bought Drizly for a whopping $1.1 billion. Clearly, people have been stocking up as they are stuck at home with nothing else to do. When the alcohol is delivered to your door, it is even more tempting because you don’t risk going out and getting Covid-19. Not to mention, we can’t get enough of the Amazon model. Consumers want their orders immediately these days, rolling their eyes at a delivery window that would take longer than a few business days. Immediacy is the key.

America had already been experiencing this home drinking trend, even before the pandemic. According to the Wall Street Journal, before Covid-19 hit, people purchased 4 out of 5 drinks from liquor stores or grocery stores rather than from bars and restaurants. But the pandemic has pushed the envelope even further. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have sent people into isolation to drink in their own homes. From Zoom happy hours to family Zoom parties, people meet up from the comfort of their own homes with a drink in hand.

And they are not drinking the cheap stuff! It seems since they can’t sit poolside on a fancy vacation or visit a ballgame or cultural mecca, people are going to enjoy top-notch experiences at home. In the last year, the Wall Street Journal reports that American whiskey sales rose 8.2%, cognac grew 21%, and tequila and mezcal cringe jumped 17%. Tequila has been a go-to for many home drinkers over the past year, with much experimentation and higher shelf purchases.

But let’s face it: whiskey is the kind of drink you really need if you are stuck at home, lamenting lost vacation plans, or being locked in for months. There is just something about this formidable drink that makes things better. Whether you enjoy your whiskey neat or mixed in a delicious cocktail, the taste and nuances of whiskey are perfect for life at home. Harlem Standard should be the obvious choice, as it stands out for its smooth taste and stellar ingredients, making it feel like pure luxury

One great find from the Harlem Standard line is Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4 Grain 111 Proof. This is a premium blend made with glacial water aged over three years in new charred American oak barrels. The hints of maple brown sugar and allspice will tickle your mouth, and its long smooth finish will make you happy you are home enjoying it and have nowhere else to go.

If you would prefer something with a lighter, more citrusy angle, try American Straight Whiskey 90 Proof. This smooth well-aged whiskey offers honey and citrus with a slow, sweet burn. This is definitely a whiskey to enjoy neat.

The bottom line is that people will find a way to spend money, even if trapped in a pandemic. And one of the best ways to take your mind off your troubles is to drown your sorrows in a good bottle of whiskey. Harlem Standard has the stellar ingredients, the charred oak barrels, and the smooth taste that will get you through the pandemic without a worry. It will have you thinking you are on a tropical island laying poolside or even skiing in the Alps on a cold winter night!

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