Pairing Whiskey With Dips

There are purists who say that great whiskey is meant to be sipped slowly, and all by itself, not even allowing an ice cube to mar the experience. But there are many others who realize that a delicious glass is only as good as the food you pair it with. If you are divulging in some whiskey you don’t want to fill your belly with a full meal, but having a morsel of food nearby is a great way to bring out the flavors of the whiskey. Many whiskey aficionados pair it with salty snacks like peanuts or cashews, but taking that idea one step further, try a salty cracker or chip with a dip to get the most flavor from your favorite Harlem Standard pour. There are a few rules of thumb if you are pairing whiskey with dips, and you need to pay attention to them so you do not lose the flavor.


Hummus has grown in popularity over the years and is a true staple of snacking these days. Choosing the 7-Year Harlem Standard Whiskey will be the perfect complement to hummus and will give you a balanced, complex experience. Enjoy this full-bodied experience and be assured that your taste buds will thank you! The flavors of the 7-Year whiskey aged in charred would serve as an excellent balance for the hummus.

Spinach/Artichoke Dip

Unlike some of the other dips on this list, spinach and artichoke dip features a smooth, creamy, and mild flavor. In this case, you will need the whiskey to be the part of the pairing that brings the kick. This Four-Grain Whiskey offers the smokey flavor of tobacco with an unmatched depth of flavor. With so many grains in play, you will experience a kick as you pair it with the milder dip.

Smoked Salmon Dip

Fish is an obvious choice to pair with whiskey, and this smoked salmon dip is one of the best choices you could make. If you are looking for a taste sensation, match the smokiness of the salmon and creaminess of the cream cheese with the American Whiskey, and the spicy finish will create the perfect combination.

Anchovy based spreads or dips

Certainly, anchovies are an acquired taste, and people generally love them or hate them. For the strong flavor of anchovies, you need to find a strong whiskey to stand up to it. Pair an earthy taste with the water-based anchovies, and they will be able to stand up to each other. Although not a whiskey, this Harlem Standard Gin will provide the dry earthy taste you need to blend with your anchovies.


Salsa and chips have been a go-to snacking staple forever, but you might not have ever thought to pair it with whiskey. This is a great combination to try but go for a salsa on the mild side so you don’t burn out your taste buds for the whiskey. Choose your favorite bourbon to pair with the mild salsa, and you will have a combo that goes together better than peanut butter and jelly. This Harlem Standard Bourbon will add a smooth and mellow twist to the salsa, and leave you with a long finish.


The creamy delicious texture of guacamole (plus the health attributes of eating the good fats in avocado) make this an excellent dip to pair. Match the subtle sweetness of this dip with American Straight Whiskey, with hints of orange and marmalade, and it will mirror the sweetness of the guacamole and give you a combination you won’t soon forget.


Last but certainly not least, take some time to pair your favorite whiskeys with cheese. Cheese and whiskey have a lot more in common than you think. Could two items be any more perfect by themselves? When you pair them together, you will truly experience a taste sensation.

  • For a lighter cheese like brie or goat cheese, try the Harlem Standard gin to pick up on the floral notes of the cheese. The creaminess of the cheese will match the delicate floral of the gin very well.
  • Take the combination a different way by trying a stronger blue cheese dip. A blue cheese dip with its complex creaminess will help you appreciate the long finish of 7-Year Harlem Whiskey, and will stand up well to the balanced, complex taste.
  • Try the 7-Year Harlem Whiskey with its charred flavor again to pair with the creaminess of queso dips. The slight spice of the queso will match so well with the smokiness of the scotch.

Whiskey is certainly a delight on its own, and there is something to be said for enjoying it straight, or having a tasting party for whiskey where nothing else gets in the way. But when you are kicking back with some friends and want to pleasure your palates, enjoying the above combinations with your favorite Harlem Standard whiskeys will bring out the best in each other as you sample your whiskeys and dips.



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