Introducing The Healthy Ginger Twist!

One of whiskey’s best-kept secrets is that it has a ton of health benefits. It is known to reduce stress and even lower your risk of heart disease. Why not take it a step further?

We’ve linked up with alpha-woman Dr. Cynthia Barrett to create a healthy and delicious whiskey cocktail explicitly made for badass women. Dr. Barrett PT, DPT, CSCS, CNS is the Founder and CEO of Wellness Couture, LLC. She uses targeted testing and evaluation as the foundation for the next level of health, nutrition, and fitness based on each client’s unique microbiota and chemical makeup.

In other words, she knows her sh**!

So, what is the Ginger Twist, and is it just for women? The Ginger Twist is part Harlem Standard whiskey, ginger, mint, and raw honey. You know that these ingredients are good for you, but you might not know why. Raw honey can be healing and strengthens the immune system. It’s especially good for post-menopausal women and has been linked to fighting against memory loss. Also, mint is known to combat nausea caused by menstruation, while ginger has a laundry list of medicinal properties. In fact, every single ingredient has a plethora of nutritional health benefits for all genders that would be far too long to list in this article. While the drink is not exclusively for women, it was created with powerful whiskey-loving women in mind.

Oh, and did we mention that it tastes incredible? The smooth taste of whiskey balances the kick of ginger and mint, while the honey leaves you with a refreshingly sweet aftertaste. It’s going to be our go-to drink for spring and summer and certainly something you should add to your list.

It’s time for successful, powerful women to break the glass ceiling on whiskey – and what a better way to add a nutritional twist to Harlem Standard Whiskey? So, when you want to indulge and keep it healthy, try out Harlem Standard’s Ginger Twist.

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